Being sustainable, and making sustainable choices shouldn’t just be saved for Earth Day, you should be making a conscious effort to include elements of sustainable living into your daily life – making every day, Earth Day. Here’s how you can help:


Start a Garden

Growing and shipping food, especially fresh produce, requires a lot of energy – you can easily counter some of that by growing and supplying your own. Gardening hugely helps to cut down on the CO2 emissions that come from the transport of fresh produce. If you don’t have the space to have a personal garden, a community allotment or garden could be a great alternative. A greenhouse can often be a neglected space, why not breathe some new life into one and transform it into your own vegetable supply area. Using greenhouse staging to organise your trays can make it easier to grow seedlings ready for planting. 


Ride a Bike

You might have a long-forgotten bike sitting idle in the back of your shed or garage, why not make the effort to use it instead of the car? If you have an easy and not too long commute, ride it to work a couple of times a week. Or if you need to pop to the shop for a couple of bits, take your bike and a backpack. Even just getting one car off the road for a couple of journeys a week will make a difference. We know that there are going to be times when using your car is inevitable, but it’s about skipping the car when you can. 


Skip Single-Use Items

Single-use items are not only costly to the environment, but they are also costly to our bank balances. Our modern lifestyles are built on convenience, we encounter single-use items in daily life. Examples include, plastic straws, take-away coffee cups, plastic shopping bags and even things like foil and clingfilm.

Find alternative options such as; taking your own reusable cup to the coffee shop instead, taking your own shopping bags with you or investing in a reusable metal straw.

There are also bigger items which are considered to be single-use, some plastic garden furniture is manufactured quite cheaply and will only have a limited lifespan before it needs to be replaced. Our eco-recycled plastic garden furniture comes with a residential warranty and is guaranteed not to fade, discolour or chalk for a period of 10 years. Make an investment and reap the sustainable rewards. 


Make your Home Energy Efficient

Having an energy efficient home is easy when you know how to achieve it. Depending on your home, budget and eco-friendly inclination, you can make changes to your home which will not only improve its energy efficiency, but will also help your household bills too.

Simple options include adding weather stripping around doors to minimise draughts, or potentially replacing windows that are only single-glazed to improve thermal efficiency. 

There are also bigger changes that could be made including; solar panels. This is a great option if you have the funds and if your home is in an area that gets enough to support running solar panels. How much you’ll save will depend on how much energy you use, how much sun you get and how much the energy you use fluctuates.