With the combination of people staying at home more, and the summer season – creating the perfect outdoor space has never been more important. Spending time outside can be incredibly therapeutic – something as simple as having your morning coffee out on the patio or having friends over for a garden party or BBQ!

Having high-quality furniture is important, so make sure you browse our beautiful recycled plastic garden furniture! For now, here are some ideas on how you can create the perfect outdoor space for your summer. 


Keep it Natural

Utilise what’s already in your garden or patio space, by using elements of nature you’ll give your outside space the spark of life. Whether you’re a fan of having fresh flowers, tending to a garden or if you love low maintenance plants use them. Or, if you have the space to use, why not add in a small water feature – because who doesn’t love listening to soothing water noises when trying to relax?


Create Ambience

When we get hit with one of those blazingly hot days, you might find yourself saving the patio for those cooler evenings when it’s actually enjoyable to be outside. Hang some beautiful lights or invest in some candles or even outdoor lamps – these will help to transform your space later on in the day and can give it a completely different vibe!


Think Comfort

If your garden or outdoor space is going to where you’ll spend a lot of your relaxation or free time, then you should consider what would make the space more comfortable for you. Maybe that means adding in some extra comfortable furniture or over-accessorising with lots of cosy throws or pillows. 

Create Dimension

Don’t shy away from using the walls and ceilings in your outdoor space – if you only use furniture on a patio and don’t build it up a little then your space can wind up looking a bit flat. Give your space a bit of dimension, picture this; a sweet little sitting area with some hanging lanterns and even some high-set planters. 


The Details

The devil is in the details after all. It’s those small personal touches that you add into the space that can make all the difference. Those beautiful throws and pillows you place carefully on the ottoman or Adirondack chair can complete the space, and help to tie it all together.