During this uncertain time, many of us are struggling to think of ways to keep occupied. For those of us with gardens, this is the perfect time to get out there and do all the jobs we’ve been neglecting. With the nice Spring weather we’ve been having here in the UK, it’s been lovely to get out and give our gardens a little bit of TLC.

Gardening is actually very good for you at the best of times, so it could be worth grabbing a spade or lawn mower this week! Here are some of the reasons why gardening can be good for your health. 


Burns Calories

Gardening can be hard work, depending on what you do and for how long you do it – a simple one hour of gardening could help you to burn up to 330 calories! Did you know, if you garden for three to four hours, you could very easily burn as many calories as you would from a one hour gym session! It is recommended that you do 30-45 minutes of gardening for three to five times a week, this could be a perfect solution for those unable to visit the gym.


Stress Relief

Using gardening as a form of exercise can be extremely good for you, as it helps to release those lovely endorphins, the hormone which helps people to feel satisfied and relaxed. Being outside in the sunlight could also help to improve your mood, for those who suffer with SAD (seasonal affective disorder), spending as much time out in the sun as possible is recommended. 


Reduced Stroke Risk

According to the British Medical Journal, gardening can help you to reduce the risk of heart attack or a stroke. When considering the age group 60+, gardening can help to prolong life by as much as 30%.



Maintaining your garden and keeping your plants alive can give a great sense of responsibility. This could be beneficial to those who have mental health issues, or those looking to find some self-worth or a sense of purpose. 


Improved Immune System

Another advantage of spending time in the sun, is that it can help you to absorb plenty of natural vitamin D. Which can help your body to absorb calcium, which can then help keep your bones strong and your immune system healthy.


Live in the Moment

Being outside in the garden and experiencing the joys of Spring firsthand can help you to stay connected to the world. Spending some time outside and witnessing the flowers as they bloom can be a great way to keep track of time and notice the seasons passing. 


Growing Fruit and Vegetables

Growing your own fruit and vegetables in your garden can be extremely good for you, as you can include your homegrown produce in your diet! Applies, tomatoes, carrots and courgettes can all help you to reach your five a day recommended fruit and vegetables dose!


Gardening is proven to be good for your health, not only physically but mentally too. What’s better than getting fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst making your garden a lovely and relaxing place to spend time! Gardening doesn’t need to be regarded as a chore anymore, it should instead be considered as an investment into your health and well-being.